Can SAFe® help your organization?

Find out by using ADJUGO's unique SAFe In-house Investigation Workshops!

You are trying to run a mid-size or a large IT-organization. You know the value of IT-Governance for management. You also see the value agile practices bring: faster delivery, better motivated staff, higher quality. The two do not go well together, though.

You have looked at the SAFe Big Picture and you realize this can be your solution. How do you proceed?

Adjugo has the answer to your problem. And of course, we have found that answer in Lean and Agile and in SAFe itself. We propose to organize a set of 6 half-day workshops in your organization. Partly training: getting to know the model in general, or its particular properties for different groups: product owners, scrum masters, architects. During the workshops, we explain what the model brings, and then investigate, with your staff, management and some business stakeholders, what improvements SAFe can bring when compared to your current practices. And maybe find out some advantages you currently have that you do not want to loose.

After only six half-days, your core team of 12 to 24 people have learned about what SAFe can contribute to the organization as a whole and to their role in it in particular.

It serves as a 'spike': a short, time-boxed investigation of an unknown element in your plans. The workshops will use lean-agile techniques, to move fast forward and have great interactions. We bring it all together in a Big Room, inspired by SAFe itself. In short, you will not only investigate lean-agile and SAFe, you will also experience it.

This short intervention will bring a lot of insight and you will know whether proceeding with SAFe will make sense or not, and what the big pitfalls may be for the implementation. And it sets the stage for a lean-agile implementation of SAFe...

If you are interested, please contact us through our registration form or by calling us on 32 474 891 705.

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